Sep 06

Remineralize Teeth a.k.a Cure Tooth Decay Naturally

According to, “Remineralisation of teeth (UK spelling; US remineralization of teeth) is a process in which minerals are returned to the molecular structure of the tooth itself. Teeth are (often) porous allowing fluids and demineralisation beneath the surface of the tooth. When demineralised, these pores become larger”.

When we think of a cure for tooth decay, we would normally think of a visit to the dentist clinic to have our decaying tooth either filled in by the dentist or pulled out if the problem could not be solved by a filling. Sometimes even a root canal may be needed to be done on the tooth. … Well, that’s what I have been told to do by several dentists anyway and I think it’s the same with everyone else.

Nobody told us we could remineralize teeth, right? Heck I never even knew that curing tooth decay is called “remineralize teeth”. But its true. Teeth can heal themselves naturally without having to go to the dentist to have them drilled into or pulled out. This method is sound and it has been researched, tested and proven to be true for many years by certain parties. Ramiel Nagel (Dental Health Advocate and Author of Cure Tooth Decay) shows how to remineralize teeth naturally in his book Cure Tooth Decay. If a person would follow diligently the protocol listed in his book, he or she may never have dental problems again to worry about.