How I Healed My Teeth From Cavities – My Story!

I never knew that teeth could heal themselves from cavities until I read Ramiel Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay. I’ve always been told by my parents to take care of my teeth because if the teeth get cavities then I would have to go to the dentist to have the cavities drilled out and then replaced by a filling. After that the teeth will no longer be the same again.

No matter how well I brushed my teeth and tried to keep my teeth as clean as possible, I still had cavities. I had my first filling done when I was 12 years old. I still remember till this day how painful it was when the dentist was drilling into my teeth. I had fillings done on 4 of my molar teeth. Yeesh! I still cringe when I recall that memory! And my parents were right, those 4 teeth were never the same after that. After about 5 to 7 years, one by one the fillings had to be replaced by a new one because the old ones were coming out. So, it was back to the dentist again for a drilling and filling.

In 2011, I had developed a cavity in my left upper side big molar tooth that was giving me trouble. When I ate, I could feel the food going into my tooth and it was getting a bit painful. I couldn’t eat sweet food on that side because it would hurt like hell! So I decided it was time to visit the dentist. But then I thought, “Why couldn’t teeth heal themselves from cavities when it has been said that other parts of the body can heal themself?” I had this feeling that maybe teeth also can heal themselves naturally without having to go to the dentist for treatment. Surely there must be a way!

The Way To Healing Tooth Decay Naturally

So, I got onto the internet and searched for a way to cure tooth decay naturally. And guess what I found? … You guessed it! – The book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I was delighted! Finally, a natural cure for my teeth. I decided to buy the book online immediately!

When the book arrived (after a few days), I immediately started to go through it and soon (about half way into the book) I was able to gain information on how to remineralize my teeth to heal them from cavities. That was so empowering! I quickly changed my daily diet, following the protocol stated in the book.

Guess what happened next? Well, after 2 weeks following the new diet, I found that when I ate, I couldn’t feel the food going into my tooth anymore! Eating was now comfortable! I was so happy that my tooth was healing. It was actually healing, to my disbelieve!

The Test That Confirmed My Tooth Was Healing

Just by changing my diet (and the change wasn’t that much mind you) I was able to help my tooth heal itself. I continued with the diet plan and after about 1 month I decided to test on eating some really sweet food. I loved to eat dried prunes before but I had to stop eating them because my tooth would hurt like hell when I would chew on a dried prune. They are really sweet! So I thought, eating dried prunes would be a good test to see if my dentin had actually sealed the hole in my tooth. If it didn’t hurt, then that would mean that the hole was sealed.

Cautiously, I took a small bite into the dried prune and chewed on it slowly. NO PAIN! I was amazed! It should have hurt like hell, but it didn’t! Not even a little! Then I took a bigger bite and this time I really chewed on it, sinking my teeth deep into the prune. Still no pain! I was ecstatic! Then I took a whole prune, popped it into my mouth and chewed on it delightfully. Again, no pain! I was so happy that I announced to all my family members at home at that time that my tooth had sealed the hole in it and I no longer felt pain when I ate something sweet. It was a fantastic feeling! I no longer needed to go to the dentist to have a filling and that saved me a lot of money and pain.

In Summary

After that, I became a believer in Ramiel Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay and in its diet protocol to remineralize teeth. No more doubts about it. Now one year after starting the new diet, I am cavity free, thanks to Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay. I am still following the diet till this day. I have recommended the book to everyone I know because we shouldn’t have to suffer from tooth decay at all. Having the right information is the key to a healthy dental life.

This book has also helped my brother heal his decaying tooth that was hurting him. I told him about the diet he needed to follow and how it had healed my tooth. He followed the diet and now his tooth is no longer giving him any trouble. He too is informing his friends about “Cure Tooth Decay” and its miracle like healing of teeth.

Pal Khera

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